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24 Jun 2017

Draw the Curtains – First Class Home Theater


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Posted By Cecilia R.

If you really want to achieve the true movie theater experience in your own home then there's one element you must add to your entertainment system: home theater curtains. Curtains may not seem important compared to the technology you choose, but in truth they can make or break the whole experience! Why Home Theater Curtains Are So Important A good set of home theater curtains in your living room means that you can keep it completely dark, leaving the focus on the screen. No reflections to worry about: you get the pure, unadulterated cinema experience. Because these curtains are so thick, they can even have an effect on the sound. This doesn't matter so much if you've got cheaper speakers, but if you've spent a lot of money on the best surround sound system you can get, good curtains will help you hear them how they're meant to be heard. How To Choose The Right Home Theater Curtains There are a number of factors to consider when buying your home theater curtains, but the most important is the fabric. This needs to fit in with the existing décor of your home, while at the same time giving the best cinema experience possible. Natural fabrics, such as cotton or silk, are often preferred for their acoustic properties. However, each fabric will vary in terms of thickness, and may need to be layered to create the effect you need. The color is also important: bright colors can cause reflections on the screen. Next up you must consider your budget. Like anything, the quality of curtains can vary greatly depending upon the price and quality of materials. Set a budget and aim to get the best quality you can within that budget. Ready-made curtains at set sizes are cheaper, but you may need to pay for custom sizes if your windows don't fit traditional dimensions. Consider also whether it's worth paying extra for the installation of an electronic system that'll let you open and close the curtains automatically. If you want to save money, go for the manual option instead. In short, it isn't difficult to find suitable home theater curtains as long as you take care to measure your windows and choose fabric that'll completely cover all sources of light. And remember: the thicker the curtains, the better they will deal with both sound and light reflections that could interfere with your viewing enjoyment.


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