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8 Jul 2017

Movie Review: "Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me"

Rating: PG-13 (Drug references, language) Length: 113 min Release date: March 15, 2012 Directed by: Drew DeNicola, Olivia Mori Genre: Documentary Rating: 3.

8 Jul 2017

Bollywood: Ultimate Entertainer

Nothing can entertain you like an Indian cinema. The charm of Indian cinema especially Bollywood has become global now.

3 Jul 2017

Sanctum Movie Review

In the year 2011, I'm almost ashamed to admit that I have not seen a 3D movie since I was a kid growing up in the 1980s. However, when the opportunity came to review James Cameron's new Sanctum movie, I jumped at the opportunity to see the film.

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  •   29 Jun 2017   Posted By Arlene C.   47 Favs   0 Comments

    3 Ways To See The Stars In Hollywood

    The word Hollywood brings to mind homes that cost seven figures, rich movie stars and a place where you're never sure who you might see next.

    But of course you can never guarantee you will run into a big movie star, no matter how hard you might look. There are other ways to see the stars though, and these can be just as much fun as a quick glimpse of the real thing.

  •   7 Jul 2017   Posted By Eleanor B.   8 Favs   0 Comments

    Which Screen For Your Home Theater?

    If you do not buy your home theater in one box, as many people do, then you will have to select a screen at some point or another. However, not only that, but you may be faced with deciding between a TV-cum-monitor unit and a drop down canvas screen.

    It really all depends on the dimensions of the room you want to use as your home theater.

  •   12 Jul 2017   Posted By Rosemarie G.   83 Favs   0 Comments

    Ten Movie Idol Obituaries From Ten Years Ago.

    It is common to hear people say that time flies and it is true. I have put together a list of screen idols who passed away ten years ago. When I began researching this list of screen idols' obituaries, I was surprised to read who had died and how old they had become when they died. I have listed them by date.

  •   2 Jul 2017   Posted By Pauline W.   26 Favs   0 Comments

    A Few Informative Hollywood Movie Story Lines To View

    For years now, the video store was the way to get movies. Now, with internet usage exploding, movie downloads are becoming very popular. Below is a sample of some of the movies you can find using movie download sites.

  •   10 Jul 2017   Posted By Fannie C.   5 Favs   0 Comments

    Popular Music in the Movies: Creates Accessibility to the Film

    The use of popular music in the movies is a creative way to connect the viewers to the movie. Having popular music in the movies catches the attention of the public right away. As a result, using popular music in the movies has brought the movies closer to viewers and it has brought them to the cinema to actually watch the movies.

  •   10 Jul 2017   Posted By George W.   13 Favs   0 Comments

    Compare Home Theater Systems: Surround Sound Terminology

    Just in case you've been reading around and researching the many terms and topics that concern surround sound and the many surround sound systems on the market today, I thought it might be a good idea to explain some of the terminology that is floating around.

  •   17 Jul 2017   Posted By Sterling V.   59 Favs   0 Comments

    Movie Review: Shrek the Third

    This is the second sequel (and third movie in the series) to the popular computer generated animation movie that was made famous by the voice talents of Mike Meyers (Shrek), Eddie Murphy (Donkey) and Cameron Diaz (Fiona). They return in this sequel to provide the same endearing personalities to their characters on the big screen in the latest Shrek adventure movie.

  •   28 Jun 2017   Posted By Anita B.   31 Favs   0 Comments

    Home Theater System Review: Bose Lifestyle T20

    Choosing a packaged home theater system often means compromising on sound quality or design in favor of getting something that's easy to put together. With the Bose Lifestyle T20 home theater system, this isn't the case. Bose pride themselves on sleek design, top quality audio, and components that are easy to put together and use.

  •   24 Jun 2017   Posted By Cecilia R.   51 Favs   0 Comments

    Draw the Curtains – First Class Home Theater

    If you really want to achieve the true movie theater experience in your own home then there's one element you must add to your entertainment system: home theater curtains.