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17 Jul 2017

Movie Review: Shrek the Third


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Posted By Sterling V.

This is the second sequel (and third movie in the series) to the popular computer generated animation movie that was made famous by the voice talents of Mike Meyers (Shrek), Eddie Murphy (Donkey) and Cameron Diaz (Fiona). They return in this sequel to provide the same endearing personalities to their characters on the big screen in the latest Shrek adventure movie. Mike Meyers reprises his voice role as Shrek the swamp-loving Ogre, who shows there’s more to him than what one sees on the outside. He continues to give Shrek a humorous personality, which a stereotypical Ogre wouldn’t normally have. This brings a new life to an Ogre and shows kids that you can be liked no matter what you have on the outside. Eddie Murphy is back once again in the voice role of Donkey, the ever loving sidekick to Shrek. Eddie’s talents enable us to view Donkey as not only the annoying pest who pried his way into Shrek’s life, but also as a humorous character who ultimately was able to break through Shrek’s shell. Cameron Diaz reprises her voice role as Fiona, Shrek’s bride who taught Shrek to allow some of his softer side to show through. Her voice talent brings so much to her character that she has audiences believing that Fiona is a beautiful person, even though she’s an Ogre on the outside. The three characters come back to this movie effortlessly picking up where they left off in the first sequel. They are unavoidably thrown into a new adventure along with their new sidekick that was introduced in the first sequel, Puss in Boots, played by the charismatic Antonio Banderas. In this sequel, the gang faces the death of the Far Far Away King. Shrek is ultimately caught in a place he doesn’t want to be as the next in line to the King’s throne. Shrek, not wanting the responsibility of being King, longs for his quiet home in the swamp away from everyone except his bride Fiona. Shrek, Donkey and Puss in Boots embark on a journey to find the only other person to take the place of the King, Arthur Pendragon, a timid young man who has little confidence in himself and his capabilities. Shrek diligently tries to convince young Arthur to come back to the kingdom and take his place as the King. Little did Shrek know that he was facing his own inner fears of taking responsibility and striding into fatherhood. The whole Far Far away gang joins up with Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella to stop the conniving Prince Charming, who wants to do away with Shrek and become the new king of Far Far Away. This movie surpasses its expectations, which were brought by Shrek and Shrek 2.


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