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2 Aug 2017

PAL Camcorders - Ideal for Home Videos


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Posted By Lora M.

The camcorder is perhaps the best thing to have happened since the invention of the Polaroid camera. The way the Polaroid breathed new life into photography allowing us to instantly see the results, similarly the camcorder made pictures come alive and allowed home videos to become mainstream. Home videos provided a way to relive memories whenever people felt the need and camcorders made it accessible to anyone. Suddenly, everybody wanted one of these little wonder cameras. The quality might have been poor initially but in the age before digital cameras and smartphones, they were a marvel.

The camcorder was not always the compact little device that it is today. Professional broadcasting and movie making utilized cameras that were too cumbersome for regular use. Later, Sony came up with the Betacam, and things changed forever. JVC soon adapted and redesigned their portable professional cameras to give the world its first consumer grade VHS camcorder, which would go on to become the industry standard. Early consumer camcorders were large shoulder mounted devices, and yet they made recording videos incredibly easy. The portability continued to improve and once cameras started going digital, sizes reduced even further while their features multiplied.

Why PAL Camcorders Are Ideal For Home Videos

The PAL camcorder comes with a variety of features that make it an excellent choice for home videos. This camera cum video recorder is extremely easy to use. The range of features on a modern camcorder is astonishing. Just a few of the common ones are listed below.

* High resolutions of 1080p (HD) and beyond. 4K UltraHD is now becoming commonplace
* Manual and automatic controls for focus, aperture, etc.
* Optical and electronic image stabilization
* High-speed recording of 120fps or more
* Multiple file formats like XAVC S, AVCHD and MP4 recording
* Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
* High clarity and high resolution LCD panels / viewfinders
* Optical zoom in the 12x-25x or higher range
* Low Light and Night recording
* Multiple connectivity options like HDMI, DisplayPort, USB, Composite Cables, etc.

All these features ensure that you never run out of options when shooting with your camcorder. Whether it is your graduation, the birth of your baby, your toddler's first day at school, or any other special or even ordinary occasion, you can record all the special moments with a PAL camcorder in your hands. The perfect size of the PAL camcorder also makes it easy for children to handle and you can let them express their creativity too.

A modern PAL camcorder is also extremely tenacious and resistant. They are made from extremely durable materials and can survive multiple bumps and falls. Most are waterproof and heat-resistant, and some can also be used underwater. A PAL camcorder is a solid investment that will let you keep making memories for years. And you can be one of those who say, 'the best PALs are not always human'.


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