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12 Jul 2017

Ten Movie Idol Obituaries From Ten Years Ago.


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Posted By Rosemarie G.

It is common to hear people say that time flies and it is true. I have put together a list of screen idols who passed away ten years ago. When I began researching this list of screen idols' obituaries, I was surprised to read who had died and how old they had become when they died. I have listed them by date. Doesn't time fly?

Hedy Lamarr: 86, Viennese born movie star, whose seductive beauty tempted all the male stars of the 1920's and 30's. Credited as co-inventor (with composer George Antheil) of a patented device for radio-controlled missiles. Old age, Orlando, Fla., Jan 19, 2000.

Durwood Kirby: 88, Kentucky born TV personality, announcer and foil to Garry Moore. Host of 'Candid Camera'. Cause undisclosed, Fort Myers, Fla., March 15, 2000.

Claire Trevor: 91, Brooklyn-born movie actress. The brash moll in 'Stagecoach' and the Oscar-winning alcoholic singer in 'Key Largo'. She played in nearly 70 films. Of respiratory disease, Newport Beach, Calif., April 8, 2000.

Douglas Fairbanks, Jr: 90, U.S. actor and producer. He created a motion picture career despite being under his father's shadow. Best known for 'Gunga Din' and 'The Prisoner Of Zenda' in the 1930's. Cause undisclosed. New York, May 7, 2000.

Sir John Gielgud: 96, legendary British actor. Long time star of stage and screen in the UK and US. Remarkable Shakespearean actor. Won an Oscar for 'Arthur'. Old age, Aylesbury, UK, May 21, 2000.

Walter Matthau: 79, U.S. actor. Best known as Oscar Madison in the 'Odd Couple'. He was everybody's favourite grumpy old man. Of a heart attack, Santa Monica, Calif., July 1, 2000

Sir Alec Guinness: 86, renowned British actor. Best known for Oscar-winning performance as the mad colonel in 'Bridge Over The River Kwai' and Obi-Wan Kanobi in 'Star Wars'. Very versatile actor. Old age, West Sussex, UK, Aug. 5, 2000.

Loretta Young: 87, U.S. picture star from Hollywood's golden age of the 1930's and 40's. Oscar winner for 'The Farmer's Daughter' (1947). Emmy winner for 'The Loretta Young Show' (1954-63) on TV. Of ovarian cancer, Los Angeles, Aug. 12, 2000.

Richard Farnsworth: 80, U.S. actor. In films for 60 years, first as a stunt man, then at 57 as an actor. Twice nominated for an Academy Award including 'The Straight Story'. Suicide, Lincoln, N. Mexico, Oct. 6, 2000.

Steve Allen: 78, U.S. comedian, entertainer and songwriter, who pioneered the late-night TV show format of the. He wrote over 5,000 songs, including 'This Could Be The Start Of Something Big' and 'Impossible'. An apparent heart attack in Los Angeles, Calif. Oct. 31, 2000.


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