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8 Jul 2017

Adjusting White Balance On A Digital Camcorder


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Posted By Courtney W.

The function to adjust white balance on a digital camcorder is one of the most important features, but it can be one that is so often overlooked by hobbyists and even slightly more ambitious film-makers. White balancing is, however, a very useful and important facility and one that can greatly enhance and improve the final quality of your recorded footage.

The colour white is used by a digital camcorder as a yard stick against which all the other colours are measured. "White Balancing" simply confirms to the camcorder what the colour white is, so that it can make a representation of every colour in the scene with best possible accuracy. This is the reason for white balancing.

The time to adjust the white balance on a digital camcorder is whenever the shooting circumstances are affected by changes in lighting. Film outside in the glorious sun and then moving into a dimly lit room would be an obvious moment to adjust - and this will help ensure that your precious filming is most effectively represented in terms of colour accuracy.

The white balance control on a digital camcorder can be set very quickly and it is very easy to do, so it can be completed in a few seconds. Most camcorders will be equipped with a white balance button or alternatively will have a menu option to access this function. You'll need to identify where this function can be found on your camcorder - and if necessary consult your user manual.

To actually perform the adjust, basically you'll require an item that is white. Almost anything will suffice, although if you're on the move, something portable would be a good idea - like a piece of card kept inside your accessories bag. Zoom the camcorder onto the white item (covering at least eighty percent of the frame) and select the option on the camcorder. That's it!

Watching camcorder recordings where the colours are a little bit off; perhaps too much of a blue or yellow flavour upsetting the scene is a sure fire way to recognise that the simple function to adjust white balance was neglected.


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